15 Reasons Why Shelter Dogs Are the Best

If you are looking to adopt a pet, you should consider a shelter dog. Read this blog to discover the different reasons why shelter dogs are the best!

A Dog Is Advertising for It’s Adoption by Wearing an Adopt Me Bandana

If you are looking to bring a pup into your home, you should consider rescuing a shelter dog, and here are 15 reasons why:

1. You can find a dog that is best suited to you — When you adopt a dog from a shelter, many organizations try hard to match you with a pup that fits your personality and lifestyle.

2. You will be saving a life — Getting a rescue dog will open your eyes to the alarming animal neglect and abandonment issue. It’s so gratifying to change a life by simply opening your heart and home to a sheltered animal.

3. Because it will cost you less — Shelter dogs will not be released for adoption until they undergo a complete veterinary health exam, are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped, which is included in the adoption fee.

4. Many shelter dogs are mixed breeds — This means, mixed breed dogs have a lesser chance of developing breed-specific health issues.

5. You’re giving a second chance to a deserving animal — Beyond just helping an animal in need, you’re allowing a rescue to get a second chance to become a dog beyond the walls of the shelter. You will enable them to start a new life where second chances can often be hard to come by.

6. Unconditional love — Many people worry about connecting with a rescue animal. In actuality, rescued dogs are thankful for giving them a chance to live a good and safe life, and in return, they provide you with devotion and unconditional love.

7. You’re fighting back against atrocious breeding — Puppies acquired at pet stores almost always come from inhumane breeding mills where dogs are confined to cramped and unsanitary living conditions and receive little to no medical care. The way to diminish breeders from profiteering is to adopt from your local shelter, thus contributing to your community.

8. Adopting a dog can help other dogs — When you adopt from your local shelter, you help open space for other animals that can consequently find a loving home.

9. Shelter dogs are great for children — Rescue dogs can provide children with security. Not only do they make faithful friends, but caring for an animal builds a sense of responsibility.

10. Relax and unwind with someone who will never judge you — Shelter dogs are faithful, non-judgmental friends. Their allegiance and love to you are unconditional and can help you get through tough times.

11. You get a chance to stay active — Every dog requires exercise. And so do you. You can make it a joint pleasureful activity that brings you a round the neighborhood or to the great outdoors.

12. Expand your social connections — Getting out there with your pet can also help you make new human friends. Dog parents have similar problems, need to exchange ideas and experiences, and naturally gravitate towards one another. It’s a social network that is unique and very positive.

13. You’ll have a lifelong best buddy — Dogs are faithful, fantastic listeners, very intuitive when you are distressed, and will not abandon you. You are gaining someone you can trust and that can charge you for life.

14. Because your home will thank you — Most shelter dogs are already housebroken, have experience living with one or more humans, and will become a part of your household and family with ease.

15. Life will never be dull again — One thing that’s for sure is that life with a rescue dog brings significant changes — in the best way! Say goodbye to predictable nights and your monotonous routine, and say hello to a new lease on life. Your new pup will keep life exciting, fresh, and full of love.

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