5 Interesting Facts About Dogs

A dog is probably the only soul on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. From loyal companions to an inseparable part of your family, a dog is someone who fills your heart with love and your home with joy. So, it is only natural you’ll want to learn everything about your four-legged friend.

Here are five interesting facts about dogs that will leave you with a sense of wonderment.

Dog looking out a window.

1. Dogs Have a Sense of Time

There is proof that your dog knows the difference between one hour and four hours. When conditioned and trained, dogs can easily predict things like regular walk times or meals. It also means they miss you more when you are gone for an extended period.

2. Dogs Can Smell Disease

A dog’s sense of smell is so extraordinary that it might not be inconceivable to consider it a superpower or a psychic propensity. Research suggests that dogs are incredibly good at picking up scents given off by abnormal cells; hence some dogs can detect cancer and other diseases.

3. Dogs Can Be Jealous

A USDA study determined a dog can feel jealous if they see their owner displaying affection for another animal or human. Other research had shown that most dog-subjects were indifferent when their owners ignored them. But when they expressed love to a stuffed dog, they started snapping and snarling.

4. Dogs Can Hear Four Times as Far as Humans

Puppies are usually born deaf, but their auditory senses surpass our hearing abilities. They can hear high-pitched sounds, ranging from 67 to 45,000 hertz. The average human hearing range is 64 to 23,000 hertz.

5. A Dogs First Sense Is Touch

A newborn puppy’s entire body is covered in nerve-endings. A puppies’ first sense is the sense of touch, thus handling a puppy with extra care.

With that, I hope you enjoyed these 5 Interesting Facts About Dogs and sheds light on your canine companion.

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